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Number & Counting

Forms & Colors Study

Visual Memory

Matching & Grouping

Observation Skills

Patterns & Squences

“We believe playing is the best way to learn.”

Yeah.. That’s right! We at TaksaToys believe that any kind of play is a good way to learn and there are many things that can be learnt from just one toy. That’s why we don’t want to limit you with the examples we came up above… We know you have better ideas than us! You are more than welcome to share it with the community here.

TaksaToys’ Play+Learn Community will not be a “community” if we don’t listen to you, that’s why this is the space where you are opened to share some of your ideas – how you apply TaksaToys’ products into your own ‘Play+Learn’ activities. We will really appreciate it if you take a minute to take some pictures of how you applied TaksaToys’ products and write a simple explanation, we are sure that many can benefit from your ideas.

Let’s learn from each other. Get inspired, and come inspire others!

Every ideas mean the world to us 😊

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